Projects & Events

Beach Painting Evenings
Join us for painting nights on the beach hosted by the EHSA's Arts & Culture department! On Friday nights once a month the EHSA organizes easels, canvases and paint sets at Eagle Harbour Beach for folks to drop in and paint by the ocean. Please send us an email at for more information!

Automobile Radar Speed Sign - Round 2
We are thrilled to have installed another Radar Speed Sign in the Eagle Harbour Primary school zone. This project could not have been possible without the generosity of the Eagle Harbour Sunday Fun Day Society. The streets of Eagle Harbour are now much safer for pedestrians thanks to the traffic safety improvements that the EHSA has made!

Eagle Harbour Sunday Funday - June 5th 2016
Over 300 people participated in the annual Eagle Harbour tradition this year! Hot and sunny day, many families participating in the festivities - all around a great local success for the community. The EHSA was happy to support this year's Sunday Funday by encouraging our members to volunteer, as well as coordinating safety and security for the entire event. Looking forward to next year's Sunday Funday!


Eagle Harbour School - Radar Speed Sign
Installed in the fall of 2015, the Automobile Radar Speed Sign at Westport and Marine Drive is a fantastic addition to our community. This is our first major step towards demonstrating our dedication to community improvements.

Outdoor Beverage Container Recycling Bins
Check out our outdoor beverage container recycling bins in the Eagle Harbour community.
These bins will play an important role in preventing recyclable beverage containers from ending up in landfills. We can't thank Encorp Pacific enough for their assistance in bringing our bins to Eagle Harbour. There is one bin at Eagle Harbour Beach, one at the west entrance of Park Verdun, and more coming!