Who We Are

About Us
The Eagle Harbour Service Association is a registered not-for-profit organization serving the West Vancouver community. We believe providing public goods and services to meet the needs of our neighbours is essential to building a safe, healthy, and strong community.

Our History
On a rainy Vancouver evening in January 2014, a group of Eagle Harbour residents gathered together at the Horseshoe Bay Blenz CafĂ© to discuss social issues facing their community. As a result of those discussions, the residents decided to pool their resources and unite to form an organization that would lead the way in local community development. 

Through the hard work of our members and the immense generosity of our sponsors, the EHSA has provided numerous public services to the West Vancouver community. The EHSA has successfully combat littering in Park Verdun and Eagle Harbour Beach, enforced traffic safety through the establishment of an Automobile Radar Speed Sign, and formed key partnerships with local businesses.   
The EHSA's success is attributable to our dedication to the organization's founding principle: to deliver only the highest quality public services to our communities. Our team is young, and determined to grow the EHSA through large-scale community improvement projects. We encourage all residents of West Vancouver to contact us with ideas on how you want to see our community improved.

Our Mission 
Our mission is to become a regional leader in community development, through the provision of public goods and services. If a resident in West Vancouver requests a public good or service, EHSA is the first point of contact.  

Our Projects
Shown here is short list of our community improvement projects: 
  • Automobile traffic control
  • Community social programs
  • Improvement of neighbourhood playscape facilities
  • Masonry, concrete, and paving repairs
  • Public landscaping
  • Recycling management
  • Street and park cleaning

Your Donation
Funding for the Eagle Harbour Service Association's work is entirely dependent upon the generosity of local residents and community groups. All donations received during the 2016 year will be used to finance neighbourhood projects with material and meaningful impacts on our community. We sincerely thank all donors for their continued generosity.  
Please see our sponsors page for a complete list of our partnerships and supporting organizations.